First Notes I Wrote About My Business

Starting a business is an exciting, terrifying and rewarding endeavor. On January 1st, 2012, with the start of a new year, I decided to go down that path. Below is the first page of notes that I ever wrote about my future business. Funny thing is, it took me a few weeks before I wrote it. Continue reading »

Freelancers: Easy Way To Get More Repeat Business

I’m going to teach you something that gets clients excited about working with you.

After naturally doing this throughout a successful freelance career, I thought it was standard practice. Now that I run my own video production business, and work with several different contractors, I’m shocked at how little I see this being done. Continue reading »


Epic Sci-Fi Short Film, Project Arbiter: Released Online

I’m proud to say that I was involved in this labor of love with a passionate group of filmmakers and friends from the San Francisco Bay Area. I first met the director, Michael Chance, 7 years ago at my first internship; which is when I heard about the initial concepts and ideas for this epic short film. Today, it has finally been released. Continue reading »


How I Went From Intern To Business Owner In Five Years

As I look back on the last 5 years of my life, I can’t help but think of the classic Anchorman quote, “Boy, that escalated quickly.” Life in the Silicon Valley has been somewhat of a roller coaster, including: community college, two internships, my dream job, freelancing for big name clients, getting married and even starting my own business. Continue reading »

How To Find Out What Wi-Fi Channels Your Neighbors Are Using

Living in an apartment complex can present the annoying problem of slow Wi-Fi. Generally, it’s due to high levels of traffic on specific Wi-Fi channels. Last night I figured out there’s an easy way to find out what Wi-Fi channels your neighbors are using so you can change to a less populated one. Continue reading »

How to Get the Free iPhone iOS Simulator On Mac

Did you know there was a free iOS simulator for the Mac? After looking for an easy way to preview mobile websites from my computer, this turned out to be a great option. At least from the iPhone’s perspective. Continue reading »